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Jobs Abundant Enough to Be Annoying

Posted by Diane Kulisek on May 23, 2007

Help WantedI received an email this morning from a recruiter looking for three clinical trial pros to fill positions with six-figure salaries. One of the positions was home-based. Although I have done validation work to support device manufacturers for clinical trial applications, I have not managed clinical trials, myself. Accordingly, I tapped into my network of fellow quality practitioners who might. The first response I got was that such opportunities were causing email clog and tended to be designated as “spam”. I’m not quite sure why people seem to be closed to learning about opportunities such as these, but I’m sure it must be complex. For my own purposes, I have tended to be open and forthcoming… but then, I’m sitting at home writing a blog post and the person who wrote me is probably in an airport on his way to some demanding audit. I can say that I have been turning away invitations from recruiters who want to join my LinkedIn(tm) network. Why? Because I received complaints from a few of my best contacts that they were being hounded by recruiters and wanted to end their alliance with me as a result. I’m not sure what all is going on because I’ve had a heck of a time finding that “ideal fit” to woo me from the world of self-employment and back into the workplace as a regular employee. Maybe we’re all being a bit too picky. The good news is, the jobs are out there. They seem to be abundant enough to be annoying. Who can’t get a smile or two out of that?

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