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Document Change/Release Order (MS Word)

Posted by Diane Kulisek on October 6, 2009

DocChangeRelOrdToday, I dug around in my goodie bag and came up with this Document Change/Release Order template.  If you’re in a hurry, you can click on the image to the left to request this Quality Resource, now.  It is a fully-editable MS Word document.  You can add a company logo, delete an approval block, change a document category, or do whatever else best suits your purpose.  This type of document is also often referred to as an Engineering Change Order or Request (ECO or ECR). I prefer to use the term “Document” instead of “Engineering” because not all documents requiring control for an effective Quality Management System are Engineering documents.  It may not be perfect, but it has passed many an audit by ISO 9001 registrars. 

Every company I go to work for seems to struggle with how best to manage the change process for their documents.  All would like a simpler, faster way to do it.  I’ve tried automating the process using the MS Outlook features for collaborative review.  There is a Microsoft Partner application called Workshare that looks pretty good for this.   At one company, we used Carmen, a document control application from another Microsoft Partner, Manedge Software.  That was very affordable and worked well, too.  If you’re in a larger organization, it might be worthwhile to invest in some of the more sophisticated enterprise solutions for document control, such as those provided by MasterControl.  There are certainly more applications available, but these are the ones I’m familiar enough with to tell you about. 

I should probably mention that the ERP modules for document control that I’ve seen do not seem to work very well.  They’re just a bit too easy for the average employee to hack around.  I’m not going to cite ERP application names here.  Suffice it to say I’ve tried several.

As always, if this particular Document Change/Release Order template doesn’t seem to work well for your specific needs, try using Google to do a search for others.  I got 116 MS Word document  hits when I entered this search string:  “ECO, document release OR control OR request “engineering change order”  filetype:doc”.  There also editable Document Control templates/examples available formated as Excel worksheets and as Access-based data entry ‘forms’.  Just change the filetype in the search string to reflect the type of document you prefer.

As always, if you need a particular form or advice on any other quality-related matter, feel free to contact me.  I’ll be happy to do what I can to help.

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